About Us


I’m Maggie, mom to three amazing kids ranging in age from 7-21.

With their encouragement and active involvement, we are happy to bring you Mindfully Natural.

As a busy mom who is proactive in maintaining my family’s health, I felt personal care for my children should be simple and straightforward.

Seven years ago, when both of my boys were diagnosed with autism, I dove into research in order to create an environment for them to thrive.

Since then, I have become keenly aware of the different needs and sensory preferences that children have.

This perspective is what brings Mindfully Natural to you!

I began looking into and learning about the ingredients we used in our daily personal care routine and was surprised with what I found in products labeled for “kids.”

With a daughter who was 6 and a son who was 11, I found it difficult to find personal care products that were not full of harmful chemicals, even when “natural” was on the label.

There were many times in these seven years that I ended up looking for DIY at home recipes for discomforts because of sensitivities, intolerances, or preferences.

One day, my 11-year-old son asked why they couldn’t find healthy personal care products at the store. Then my 6-year-old daughter asked, “Mommy, why aren’t there any products for me?”

They were right!

I thought about it long and hard. After our kids outgrow the baby aisle, we move on to the regular personal care aisle where adult products sometimes have a “kids” version next to it. I learned that the fragrance is often what is changed to make it “kid-friendly”.

This thought lingered in the back of my head. We continued to look for alternatives. All the while, they did as kids do, jumping, running, playing, and growing.

When the discomfort set in, I looked to natural remedies and magnesium came onto my radar. We bought many creams, lotions, and balms and they tried them all.

Unfortunately, some burned, others were too sticky, slippery, or oily, or they were put off by the smell.

So with my children as inspiration, I set out to make a cream that would work with my son’s sensitive skin and nose, appealed to my daughter, and one I felt comfortable with them using.

As a mom, I believe that what goes on my child’s body is just as important as what goes in their body.

During this process, I learned that kids want to pick personal care products that talk to them and that they feel good about.

My children were involved in testing the cream, selecting the bottle, and the packaging design.

They are so excited to be a part of helping other kids and I’ll be sharing your feedback with them.

Since it was so helpful for them, we wanted to share it with you!

We look forward to hearing your stories as well!!!

We want to know what you like and what you have struggled with finding. So it is with open arms and open hearts that we welcome you to our Mindfully Natural family!

-Maggie Aldana, CEO and Founder