About Us

About Us

Our Story

Welcome to Mindfully Natural, where we believe that personal care for children should be simple, natural, and straightforward. As a busy mom of three amazing kids, I understand the importance of maintaining my family’s health, and this belief is at the core of everything we do.

Our journey began when my youngest son, with his sensitive skin and keen sense of smell, struggled to find products that would soothe his skin without causing irritation. Many products burned, were too sticky, slippery, or oily, and even those labeled as "unscented" often had strong chemical smells. My daughter, eager to help her brother, learned the importance of reading product labels during our search for solutions.

One day, my 11-year-old son asked why we couldn’t find healthy personal care products at the store. My 6-year-old daughter echoed his sentiment, questioning why there weren't any products made just for her. They highlighted the gap between the baby aisle and the adult personal care aisle, and their observations sparked an idea.

My children had already been making hand-crafted soaps and selling them at a homeschool kids’ entrepreneur fair, where we learned that finding non-irritating products was a common challenge for many families. Inspired by my children, I set out to create personal care products that would be safe, effective, and enjoyable for kids to use.

Our Mission

At Mindfully Natural, our mission is to simplify your life with wholesome personal care products for children so you can focus on what truly matters—your kids. We are committed to using natural and organic ingredients in our products, ensuring they are free from harmful chemicals and synthetic fragrances.

Who We Serve

Mindfully Natural products are designed for health-conscious families who believe that what goes on their child’s body is just as important as what goes in their body. Our products are for kids who have outgrown the baby aisle and are learning about hygiene, offering them safe, effective, and enjoyable options that promote wellness as they begin to establish their personal care routines.

Our Commitment

Because of our commitment to children, we invest many hours of research into our ingredients to bring you the cleanest products possible, so you can have peace of mind while making memories with your family.

We are excited to share our journey with you and look forward to hearing your stories. Welcome to the Mindfully Natural family!

-Maggie Aldana, CEO and Founder